Rhythmic Bullets

In this short prototype, you need to dodge all of the bullets flying your direction to the rhythm of "Let You Go" by SVRGE.


You control your player by moving your mouse around, you are confined to just the center circle. The game can be paused by clicking in the center or pressing Escape.


This prototype uses the song "Let You Go" by SVRGE, it can be found here.


I am planning on expanding this project further by including more songs, level selection and hopefully level editing.

I hope you enjoy the prototype!



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I really liked the game and thank you for introducing me to rhythm bullet hell games, for some reason I never stumbled upon games like this and after googling a bit I found other games I would like to try. 

But coming back to your game, even when I died several times  jajaja I found it relaxing and played for like 40min, I couldn't passed from the spiral yellow triangles though.

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The trick here was to get inside the spiral and rotate along with it the other way it is turning. I know this can be hard to do and even get to, and I will add hints and checkpoints in future updates.

Yeah, also I'm not that good at bullet hell games jajaja but looking forward for updates in the future!