A little online minigolf type game in the style of the Nokia 3310 made for the Nokia 3310 Game Jam 4!


Move cursor: WASD / Numpad 8,4,2,6

Shoot: Space / Numpad 5 (Hold to wind up, release to shoot)

Reset: R / Numpad 7

Return to menu: Q / Numpad 9

To shoot, your cursor needs to be close enough to the ball, until it is blinking more slowly.

Mobile Controls

In the menu, tap a level to select it and tap it again to enter the level.

While in game, tap anywhere to set your cursor. Tap the bottom right corner to start winding up your show and tap again to release and shoot!

Tapping in the top left corner brings you back to the menu and the top right corner resets your ball position

Upcoming Changes

  • More levels
  • Vertical Movement
  • Diagonal Walls
  • Larger levels with camera movement
  • Built-in level editor

Also, here's the source code of this on GitHub.


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Cool idea. But it took me a while to understand how to shoot the ball. First level your dot spawns in the middle. So you need to move it to be much closer to the ball which is also looks like hole except 1 pixel. So if you add a bit more visuals and just change cursor to be line where you shoot to instead of from where you shoot and make it possible to shoot from any where on screen. Like in old minigolf games it will be much better.

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Thanks for the feedback! I will definetely add more telegraphing to make the mechanic more clear in the near future.

Update: Just published a new version which hopefully makes the controls easier to understand.